Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1034 - 1034 Where Is Jing Rujiu?

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1034 Where Is Jing Rujiu?

Zhou Yue didn’t pay attention to what Yu Huang said after that. Her attention was on the words ‘Prime Master Mingjue sacrificed himself to save the world’.

“What did you say?” Zhou Yue put down her wine glass heavily and stared at Yu Huang with a cold gaze. She asked in disbelief, “You mean Yin Mingjue is dead?”

Yu Huang became surprised. “You don’t know?”

Yu Huang said thoughtfully, “From the looks of it, you and Prime Master Mingjue aren’t friends, right?”

The last sentence was a test and a conclusion.

Zhou Yue was flustered, so she didn’t notice that Yu Huang was trying to find out her true relationship with Yin Mingjue.

“Yin Mingjue is really dead?” Zhou Yue became dazed.

Yu Huang nodded and said in a low voice, “He died 25 years ago.”

Zhou Yue’s expression changed.

Yin Mingjue died 25 years ago?

Yin Mingjue was the man Zhou Yue hated the most in her life. In the past, she had cursed Yin Mingjue to die a horrible death. However, when she heard that Yin Mingjue was really dead, not only did Zhou Yue not feel any pleasure, but she also felt upset.

Yin Mingjue was despicable in his pursuit of Jing Rujiu, but he was a righteous person otherwise. If they weren’t love rivals, Zhou Yue would definitely have become good friends with Yin Mingjue.

At the thought of such a person dying at such a young age, Zhou Yue had mixed feelings.

It was hard to say if she was sad or simply astonished.

Zhou Yue was in a daze for a while.

As if she had thought of something, Zhou Yue suddenly glanced at Yu Huang from the corner of her eye. She tried her best to use the most indifferent attitude to ask, “If Yin Mingjue is dead, wouldn’t Jing Rujiu be heartbroken?” Back then, Jing Rujiu rejected so many privileged people and resolutely married a jerk from a lowly small world.

Even now, when Zhou Yue thought of this, she felt angry and indignant.

Zhou Yue’s question seemed to be mocking Jing Rujiu, but she was actually asking about Jing Rujiu’s situation.

Zhou Yue seemed to be very concerned about Jing Rujiu’s situation.

Yu Huang stared at Zhou Yue thoughtfully for a while before shaking her head and saying, “Madam Yin is not in the Holy Spirit Continent. We only heard rumors about her love story with Prime Master Mingjue.”

“What?” Zhou Yue seemed to be shocked and said, “Jing Rujiu didn’t go to the Holy Spirit Continent with Yin Mingjue?”

Upon hearing Zhou Yue’s words, Yu Huang immediately had doubts.

What was going on?

Could it be that her mother had been to the Holy Spirit Continent?

Yu Huang shook her head and told Zhou Yue, “No. Prime Master Mingjue studied in the Cang Lang Continent and only returned to his hometown 25 years ago. It’s said that when he returned to his hometown, he only had a personal disciple and a child who wasn’t even a month old. No one saw Madam Yin.”

“It was only during the child’s one-month-old banquet, when Prime Master Mingjue was interrogated by a group of good friends about the child’s background, did he confess that he had already established a family in the Great World. He even told everyone the tragic love story about him and Madam Yin.”

This was all made up by Yu Huang.

However, Yu Huang was a talented actress and story-teller. Any ridiculous story would be convincing when she told it.

This was probably the charm of an actor.

After hearing Yu Huang’s story, Zhou Yue didn’t suspect anything. She lowered her head and looked at the ground as she muttered in confusion, “But the last time I saw her, she said that she wanted to go to the Holy Spirit Continent to find that bastard Yin Mingjue. Could it be that she didn’t go in the end?”

Back then, Jing Rujiu had spent a lot of effort to give birth to her and Yin Mingjue’s daughter, but she fell into a coma afterwards. Yin Mingjue sent her to the Sea God Clan’s Dragon God Palace for treatment. As for Yin Mingjue, he had something on at the last minute and brought the child back to the Holy Spirit Continent alone.

When Zhou Yue saw Jing Rujiu again, it happened to be the day Jing Rujiu woke up and prepared to go to the Central Pagoda to travel to the Holy Spirit Continent.

That meeting was very rushed. They only chatted briefly before saying goodbye.

In the past twenty years, Zhou Yue had been looking for different reasons to contact Jing Rujiu several times. However, every letter and call was never replied to.

Generally speaking, if all the contact methods of a Beast Tamer failed to put them in touch, there would only be two possibilities.

Either this person was dead, or this person had left Cang Lang Continent.

However, Yu Huang said that Jing Rujiu wasn’t in the Holy Spirit Continent.

A few years ago, when Jing Jiaren ascended to the Cang Lang Continent, Zhou Yue met her in a small town and asked Jing Jiaren about Jing Rujiu. However, Jing Jiaren said that she had not returned to the Divination Continent for twenty-five years.

Jing Jiaren was Jing Rujiu’s niece, so her information couldn’t be wrong.

Because of this, they all thought that Jing Rujiu had been living in the Holy Spirit Continent with Yin Mingjue.

However, Yu Huang said that Jing Rujiu had never been to the Holy Spirit Continent!

The demoness wasn’t in the Cang Lang Continent, nor was she in the Divination Continent, nor had she gone to the Holy Spirit Continent. Then where was she?

Zhou Yue felt intense uneasiness.

Zhou Yue suddenly said, “I have to go out.” She left just like that.

Yu Huang’s gaze chased after Zhou Yue until she disappeared.

From the direction Zhou Yue went, it could be deduced that she had probably gone to the Fencing Arena to look for Red Wolf. Yu Huang narrowed her eyes and calmly released her psychic power throughout the entire town.

An invisible psychic power silently followed Zhou Yue and secretly monitored her every move.

Although Zhou Yue was extremely sensitive to spiritual energy fluctuations, she was unable to sense psychic energy.

Zhou Yue didn’t know that her actions were being monitored.

As Yu Huang had expected, Zhou Yue really went to the Fencing Arena. She entered the hall and asked the staff at the front desk, “Where’s Red Wolf?”

The receptionist told Zhou Yue, “The boss is watching the battle upstairs.”

Zhou Yue nodded and went upstairs.

Before long, Zhou Yue and Red Wolf’s conversation reached Yu Huang’s ears through the psychic tentacles—

Red Wolf asked Zhou Yue, “Baldy, why are you looking for me? The results of the bet are not out yet, but you’re already impatient to admit your loss to me?” Without waiting for Zhou Yue’s reply, Red Wolf continued, “Adults have to be responsible for their words and actions. You said that if you’d disfigure yourself, so you have to do it. I won’t pity you.”

Zhou Yue ignored Red Wolf’s provocation and went straight to the point. “The demoness is not in the Holy Spirit Continent.”

Red Wolf was silent for a moment before saying, “The world is boundless. She can go anywhere she wants.”

Seeing that Red Wolf had yet to realize the severity of the problem, Zhou Yue’s tone suddenly became serious as she told Red Wolf, “Yin Mingjue died 25 years ago.”

Red Wolf suddenly fell silent.

After a long silence, Red Wolf asked hesitantly, “How did he die?”


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