Novel Name : My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Chapter 1912 Don't Give Any Chance

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Gordon nodded and opened the door.

After Rosalie and Byron walked into the living room, they saw two sets of formal wear neatly laid out on
the sofa.

They were obviously prepared for tomorrow's wedding.

"Why didn't the children come too? I'm such an incompetent grandfather!"

Gordon was very attentive.He quickly poured two glasses of water for them and carefully handed the
glasses over.

Immediately, he turned around and entered the room.

Violet’s eyes had been examining Rosalie.She was very envious of Rosalie’s confidence and calmness
in her gestures.

‘I don’t get it.My daughter, Sophie, is obviously better in terms of appearance, and her friends are all
either rich or noble.

Yet, she's still single now and can only be a worthless tour guide.

‘As for my son, Ethan, he once dated a wealthy young lady, but the relationship fell apart in the end"

The more she thought about it, the more intense Violet's jealousy was.

That resentment was heavy on her heart, yet there was still a gentle smile on her face.

Gordon soon came out again with a few more sets of clothes in his hand.

"I'm embarrassed because I can't afford anything expensive, but this is just a gesture.I hope you can
accept this on behalf of the children!"

With that, he handed the clothing to Rosalie.

Rosalie frowned, not wanting to answer at all.

Byron also looked nonchalant.

"They're a bit too small.Children grow up fast, so they probably won't be able to wear them."

This time, Gordon was truly embarrassed and at a loss.Violet quickly walked up to him and took over.

"I must say, the children of this generation grow up so fast.I already told you to buy a larger size, but
you didn’t listen.It's alright, we'll exchange the sizes."

Then, she took advantage of the situation and took the three sets of clothes back.

"Rosalie, I came back in a rush this time, so I don't have much money in my hand.I don't know how to
prepare a dowry for you.Sigh...I've failed as a father!"

Gordon suddenly became cautious.He looked embarrassed as he scratched his head.

"Yeah, Rosalie.You should know that after your father's factory went bankrupt, he owes a lot of money
and hasn't been able to pay it back.Our lives in hiding were awful.Your younger siblings aren't doing
well either.However, this is all fated!"

Violet added as she spoke of their misery.

The atmosphere seemed a bit heavy.

If it were someone else, maybe they would be deceived by the two of them.However, Rosalie was very
firm in her heart.

She gave Byron a look, signaling him to ignore them.

Then, she responded coldly, "I didn’t seem to notice anything when the factory's profits were good!
Why did things turn out poorly? Was it because of needless vanity?"

She never intended to give her father and stepmother any chance for amends.

Their virtues were clear.

As soon as she said that, Gordon and Violet could not keep up their facade at all.

Gordon immediately trembled with anger and frowned heavily.His tone turned heavy.

"Rosalie, you're going to get married soon.As your father, I rushed over to attend your wedding.You
don't have to be so against me.If you think we're an eyesore, I'll leave right away."

"Old man, what are you talking about? Why are you so stubborn?"

Violet quickly tugged at Gordon's clothes.

Then, she smiled awkwardly and added, "Rosalie is indeed right.We were too concerned about image
and vanity back then, so we got into debt.Rosalie, don't be angry.After attending your wedding
tomorrow, your dad and I will leave immediately! We won't bother you!"

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