Novel Name : My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Chapter 1913 Pretending To Be Pitiful

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Rosalie did not believe their nonsense at all.

‘Why put on such a humble posture? ‘How did you treat me back then? During that ten years, did you
ever treat me as your daughter? Your current behavior is just a scheme"

No matter what, Rosalie did not want them to be involved with anything in her life at all.

"I've received your kindness.You don't have to attend the wedding."

She had no hesitation and did not intend to give Violet any face.

Hearing this, Violet froze completely.

Gordon's face became gloomier.His body trembled slightly as he was suppressing his anger.His
daughter had changed completely from the inside out.

Originally, he thought that by pretending to be miserable, he could win her sympathy.

Now, it seemed that her heart was set in stone.

"If that's the case, then we won't go.Mr.Lawrence, we won't be here to delay your wedding.Let's go now

Gordon looked at Byron's reaction.

The younger man was completely indifferent.He made no statement and did not intend to ease the
atmosphere at all.

Gordon gritted his teeth and glared at Rosalie angrily, making a gesture to go into the room to pack up
his things and leave.

Violet secretly murmured in her heart, ‘Rosalie has matured, and she's no longer a submissive woman
who's easily manipulated"However, she could not just watch her golden goose fly away.

She decided to take a step back and hurriedly persuaded Rosalie with a smile.

"Rosalie, I won't mind if you disregard me as a stepmother, but Gordon is your father, after all.Your
mother in heaven wouldn't want things to be like this.There won't be any family members by your side
during your wedding day.How will outsiders think of you even if your own father doesn’t show up?"

Violet was undeniably good at verbal offense.

It was hard for even Byron to refute this statement.

Indeed, marriage was a major event.

Which child does not want to be blessed by their parents?

"Forget it, Violet.This daughter of mine is very capable now.Our family is just a burden to her! Let's not
be an eyesore," Gordon said with a cold face.

The man entered the room and began to pack his things.

Rosalie was a little surprised.

‘These two can act so well.

‘Do they think they can move me with this?’ Initially, Rosalie's heart was calm, but Violet mentioned her

She became annoyed and looked at Violet coldly.

"Madam Curtan, how do you have the cheek to speak of my mother? Did you forget how you married
my father in the first place? Honestly, the fact that I’m standing before you and telling you this today is
the most courtesy I can offer!"

‘She's a former mistress who shamelessly got to where she is now.Why is she still pretending to be
pitiful here?’ Violet was completely stunned.

Her face turned red as if she was about to reveal her true colors next.She dared not attack because
Byron was there.She could only continue to hold back.

The desire to tear Rosalie into pieces became stronger and stronger.

However, the rage in Rosalie's heart was stronger than hers.

In the last two years of her mother's life, she was always depressed until she died of a terminal illness.

Rosalie always believed that it must have had something to do with Violet.

"Okay, we understand.We'll leave, we'll leave now!"

In the end, Violet did not dare to say much.She gathered the clothes on the sofa that were intended for
the three children and then went into the room to help Gordon pack up.

Rosalie and Byron did not need to stay any longer.

They got up and left the room.

After a few steps, they could vaguely hear Gordon and Violet quarreling in the room.

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Chapter 1913 Pretending To Be Pitiful

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