Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 135 - Meat Pies Falling from The Sky

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Chapter 135: Meat Pies Falling from The Sky

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Qi Shan: [Why are you saying such things when the boss is not even here. I’m not a bootlicker like you. So many companies are trying to poach me by offering high salaries but Boss just can’t let go of me. We’re not of the same kind, people like me have genuine talent!]

Huo Beichen was mildly shocked when he saw this: [Who is not willing to let go of who?]

Qi Shan replied: [Bro Fei Bai, why are you saying something? This does not fit your reticent personality!]


As soon as Qi Shan sent this out, it was as if he heard a voice nagging inside of him. He then quickly made a call.

Huo Beichen reluctantly picked up the call. A fawning voice was heard from the other side. “Boss, I was wrong! I’m the one who can’t let go of you!”

Huo Beichen quietly asked, “Other companies are poaching you with high salaries?”

“Even if they tried to poach my ancestors, I will not leave! I won’t even leave if they offer me one billion! I will follow you for the rest of my life, Boss! If you say that it is one, I won’t say that it is two!”

Huo Beichen quietly laughed, mocking him. “So obedient?”


“Then do this for me.”

The next morning, Ning Meng was awoken by a knock on her door. She went to open the door while still groggy from her sleep. When she saw Qi Shan standing at the door, her face tightened and she looked at him in confusion.

Ning Meng turned vigilant. “What?”

It could not be that Lord Chen had sent him to bring her home, could it?

Qi Shan angrily stretched out his hand. Ning Meng retreated in a panic and was about to close the door but he did not grab her. Instead, he handed over a…credit card?

Qi Shan was about to cry as he stared at his credit card. His heart was bleeding as he said, “For you.”


Qi Shan tried really hard to hold back his tears. “I lost to Su Ye and Fei Bai in a bet. This credit card is yours. You can swipe as you please without limit.”

Ning Meng was in total bewilderment. “The three of you made a bet and the one who loses gives their money to me?!”

How could there be such a thing!

Qi Shan’s lips twitched. “You must think that this is weird too, right? You’re wondering if we might be trying to plant a curse on you, right? So you just cannot accept this card, right? Then let go already!”

When he said that he would give the card to her, she did not feel puzzled for even a minute. In fact, Ning Meng had immediately taken the card and smiled widely. “Oh no, not at all. Thanks!”


Both were stuck in a deadlock. Finally, Qi Shan thought of the boss’ orders and loosened his grip on the card.

He looked at his credit card with teary eyes and implored, “You must treat my wife well!”


Who called their credit card their wife!

Ning Meng pursed her lips. “Don’t you worry, I will swipe the card well.”


He hesitantly walked away. With every few steps he took, he would turn back to look.


Qi Shan turned back with joy. “Are you returning my wife to me?”

Ning Meng smiled. “I just wanted to ask. What’s the limit?”

“…five hundred.”

“What card is this?! I can’t even pay a meal’s bill with five hundred!”

Qi Shan could not stand it anymore and yelled out, “Five million!”


She looked at the card baffled.


‘Qi Shan was only a personal assistant to Huo Beichen, right? Did he have that much money?!’

Shocked to the core, Ning Meng went back to her room. She did not feel sleepy anymore and just stared at the card, deep in thought.

‘What ploy do they have up their sleeves this time?’

While still in her thoughts, her phone vibrated. Fei Bai had sent a text through WeChat: [Missus, would you like to have sandwiches for breakfast?]

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