Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 140 - Madam Is Still Not Back Home

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Chapter 140: Madam Is Still Not Back Home

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Those big eyes of Zhen Shanmei had the typical wide double eyelids which were very much like the European-Americans. She had a fair complexion and sexy flaming lips that stood out, thus giving her a fascinating and charming look.

Ning Meng thought about Zhen Shanmei’s beautiful facial features, suddenly realizing something.

Based on the original novel, Ning Meng and Zhen Shanmei were not compatible because they, both being extremely good-looking, had been competing with each other over external beauty ever since they were little as they wanted to be the best-looking person among the youngsters.

Ning Meng had peach blossom eyes that contained their own charm, thus giving her a delicate look, whereas Zhen Shanmei had the gorgeous look.

Ning Meng did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

‘Li Haojie dumped his ex-girlfriend Zhen Shanmei just because he couldn’t stand her being so-called ugly. What would his reaction be when he sees a face like mine?’

Ning Meng suddenly became a little curious about it.

As a repayment for the bag, Ning Meng drove Zhen Shanmei home as an act of courtesy.

The duo talked until they reached the doorstep of Zhen Shanmei’s house. Ning Meng then waited for Zhen Shanmei to enter her own house before driving off.

At the Zhen family’s villa, a middle-aged married couple was standing in front of the French windows while looking in the direction of Ning Meng’s car.

Mama Zhen spoke up.

“Our family always wanted to have nothing to do with the Ning family, not to mention, our daughter, Shanmei, has always been arguing with Meng Meng. I can’t believe that when our daughter got into trouble, the person who stayed by her side was actually Meng Meng.”

Papa Zhen nodded in agreement. “This young lady Ning Meng managed to help our Shanmei to decide and be willing to break up with that jerk. We now surely owe her a huge favor!”

Mama Zhen then said, “Since the Ning family is having a hard time right now, let us support them financially from now onward.”

“How then, should we deal with that jerk Li Haojie? If we immediately beat him down, Shanmei may soften her heart for him. However, we can’t just let it be!”

Papa Zhen replied, “At this rate, I can’t help but feel that this young lady Ning Meng will bring us a different form of happiness!”

Huo Group.

It was exactly six in the evening when Huo Beichen got off duty.

He stood in front of the full-body mirror of his office to adjust and straighten his clothes before leaving the office with big strides.

‘Since I’ve already gone over to Ning Meng’s place this morning to tell her that I ain’t angry at her anymore, she should be back in my villa by now.’

Huo Beichen smiled as he thought about this.

Moreover, his thought about the bowl of tomato egg noodles that he liked made him look forward to going home.

However, he galloped back home only to find his villa dark and empty.

Huo Beichen paused for a moment before he turned on the chandelier in the living room after walking in.

He loosened his necktie and walked toward the sofa to take a seat. He took out his cell phone to make a phone call to his bodyguard, asking, “Is Madam back home yet?”

The bodyguard answered respectfully, “Madam has already returned home an hour ago.”

Huo Beichen glanced upstairs. “Is she already asleep?”

“No, not yet. The lights in Madam’s bedroom are still turned on. It looks like she is chatting with somebody.”

Huo Beichen paused, feeling as though something was off. “Which part of the villa is she at?”

The bodyguard answered, “Yuxiu Garden.”

Huo Beichen did not say anything. His facial expression immediately turned gloomy, and a chill ran down his spine.

Sometime later, Huo Beichen took out his cell phone and logged into his WeChat account. He typed “Where are you” but he then deleted those words without sending the message to Ning Meng.

Finally, he threw his cell phone aside and got up to walk upstairs.

Following Zhen Shanmei’s bitter post-breakup experience, Ning Meng had always been asking Zhen Shanmei to join her shopping outdoors to prevent Shanmei from having nonsensical thoughts by being alone.

Five days later.

The two ladies went for a morning skincare session, leaving the professional beauty salon with tender and hydrated skin.

In the afternoon, Ning Meng took Zhen Shanmei out with her again to buy a bright red dress for herself. Ning Meng then simply let down her curly hair behind her back.

Zhen Shanmei felt a little disinterested. “Why are you dressed up like this?”

Ning Meng smiled. “Please come with me tonight to support Lin Qingbei in a live singing contest!”

Ning Meng’s request left Zhen Shanmei feeling puzzled.

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