Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 142 - That Is How Ning Meng Consoles People

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Chapter 142: That Is How Ning Meng Consoles People

Which Miss Zhen?

Li Haojie was stunned, and he froze in his tracks.

That stunning lady was Zhen Shanmei!?

How was that possible?

His heart saddened.

It had been a long time ago when they first met. It was so long ago that he had forgotten how beautiful she actually was under her thick makeup.

He was still stunned when a voice floated over to him. “Teacher Li.”

Li Haojie turned around and saw Su Tiantian who had just finished her makeup walking toward him. The two people who were involved in a scandal meeting each other at last…The surrounding employees seemed to feel awkward as well.

Su Tiantian remained calm and elegant, giving off an innocent appearance.

She had a singing performance up on the stage later on and she was wearing a beautiful and magnificent dress. Moreover, her makeup was stunning too.

Unknowingly, the beautiful face which Li Haojie had seen earlier appeared in his mind when he looked at Su Tiantian. It seemed like Su Tiantian’s beautiful face appeared less stunning by comparison.

Su Tiantian sighed. “Teacher Li, both you and Miss Zhen are the famous and enchanting couple in our circle, now, she has a misunderstanding against you because she cares about you. Go ahead and coax her. Then, let’s make it up with her.”

Li Haojie bit his lips. He was not as resistant as before.

Zhen Shanman did indeed care for him.

She would always rush toward him immediately no matter what she was doing at the moment as long as he waved at her simply.

He was no longer angry after the duration of a week. Besides, it was true that he was the one who had had a change of heart first no matter what happened. So, he could understand why she was jealous or why she had made a scene.

The reason why she dressed up nicely and came to the set today might be because of him. She wanted to meet him and make it up to him!

Li Haojie raised his chin and said, “I will not go and coax her since you’re also a victim. I’ll talk it over with her if she retrieves the hot topic from the news and apologizes to us.”

Su Tiantian was slightly puzzled when she heard that.

This was because he would always burst into anger when they advised him to go and coax Zhen Shanmei. Now, not only was he calm, but he even seemed not as determined as he was before.

She laughed. “Are you heading to your room?”

Li Haojie nodded his head. “Yeah.”

Earlier, she had been heading to Lin Qingbei’s room. Surely, she would go and meet him in his room later on.

Fine. He would wait for her.


Lin Qingbei had changed into his clothes, but he still held his musical score in his hand, deep in thought about it.

Somehow, he felt that there was a musical note which was not quite perfect on his part.

Just as he was in the middle of his dilemma, the door of the room was pushed open and two women entered the room.

The entire room became even brighter and dazzling as soon as they stepped into the room.

Zhen Shanmei was speaking at the moment. “By the way, Ning Meng, you’re really something! You would even pay for my monthly expenses for a whole month. I’ve never met a person like you while working so long in the entertainment circle!”

Ning Meng looked at the ceiling without saying anything.

She asked curiously, “Do you know how much that is?”

Zhen Shanmei replied, “Yes. I asked around and the employees from the Sina Weibo said some rich people were quite reckless. They would go as far as to spend around ten million for that!”

Ning Meng was upset.

Who was the person who had done that? Did they provide her with the money?

Zhen Shanmei was slightly doubtful after she said that. “How come you don’t know about it given that you’re using your own money?”

Ning Meng appeared calm. “I just wanted to check whether what you heard about is true. Did you apply for reimbursement?”

Zhen Shanmei whispered, “When have I ever had so much money? I’ll buy more bags for you in the future. Is that okay?”

Ning Meng forced a reply. “Fine.”

Then, they turned to look at Lin Qingbei when they had finished talking and found him staring at them.

Ning Meng said, “Are you ready?”

Lin Qingbei grabbed his musical score and stood up. “Let’s go.”

The three of them walked toward the entrance when suddenly, Zhen Shanmei stopped in her tracks. She glanced down at her dress. “Is my red dress a little exaggerated?”

Ning Meng responded, “You weren’t even afraid of being cheated on before, why are you afraid of wearing a stunning red dress now?”

Zhen Shanmei was speechless.

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