Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 153 - They Had an Argument

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Chapter 153: They Had an Argument

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The entire corridor was soon covered in awkward silence.

Zhen Shanmei looked up with a stunned expression and saw that Huo Beichen was standing there and his body froze at the same time. Frightened out of her wits, she tried to switch her phone off, but she accidentally replayed the voice message yet again. So, the part which was not heard earlier was played now. “No man will love a good woman! We cannot limit ourselves to only one man! The new man…”

Tapping frantically, finally, she managed to stop it.

Ning Meng was speechless.

That godd*mned Zhen Shanmei!

Ning Meng could not help but touch her forehead. She felt that awkwardness was written all over her face and she wanted so badly to find a hole and hide there.

Then, she looked at the man before her. His facial expression was darker and worse than it had been previously. Clearly, he was trying to suppress his emotions.

Even so, the atmosphere was as cold as winter now.

He stared at Ning Meng, his dark eyes deep in fury. He seemed ready to burst into anger at any minute.

Huo Beichen tried his best to suppress his anger, and finally, he spat out what he wanted to say word by word. “Fo…rest?”

He thought that the girl would apologize to him and coax him the very next minute.

He would not be so mean or angry at what she had said in the voice message if she said some nice things to him now because he knew that she was only good at talking.

However, what he had imagined did not happen at all.

He looked at the girl before him slowly. She seemed tense, her beautiful eyes seemed to show her stubbornness at that moment. At the same time, she bit her lips tightly. So, it seemed like she had no intention to say anything to him.

The way she appeared made Huo Beichen rather angry at that moment. “What kind of forest do you want?”

He burst out in anger at last.

On her end, Ning Meng felt as though she was being treated unfairly.

Her former self had indeed been disloyal, but she could say frankly that she had never messed around with any man during the past month since she had come here. So, how could he cheat on her with a lover outside and ask her to be loyal to him instead?

Ning Meng voiced out her dissatisfaction directly. She seemed cold and distant. “Mr. Huo, what does it have to do with you regarding what kind of forest I want? By the way, we signed a contract before the marriage so don’t worry, I’ll adhere to my promise strictly. I’ll never have any physical contact with other men!”

Huo Beichen was furious at what she said.

He had never gotten upset at her no matter how reckless she had been before. But now…

Ning Meng’s vision was blocked. The man approached her and her petite body was engulfed in his tall shadow.

She could feel the ferocious aura emitted by this man, and it frightened her.

She knew that only an apology could save her now.

The insincere apology was just at her lips, but for an unknown reason, she could not bring herself to apologize to him. She grit her teeth and remained silent, reluctant to bow down to him.

Their faces were just ten centimeters away. His fresh breath was so near and it was a suppressing tension, suffocating her.

Ning Meng wondered whether he was going to strangle her. The man held out his arms all of a sudden and she became so frightened that she closed her eyes immediately.

However, she felt no pain. On the other hand, the gift box in her hand was taken away, and the man took a step back, the tension soon disappearing from around her.

Ning Meng opened her eyes slowly and saw Huo Beichen staring at the gift box.

After a while, he sneered and threw the gift box into the dustbin beside them. Then, he scanned her from the side and turned away, leaving with big strides. Both Ning Meng and Zhen Shanmei stood there with stunned expressions on their faces.

Ning Meng recovered her senses first. “D*mn it! How stingy that man is! How could he take back the gift he gave me just now?”

Zhen Shenmei was puzzled. It seemed as though she had her eyes on the wrong thing.

Her face twitched and she went toward the dustbin immediately and picked up the gift box.

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