Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 156 - Bark Bark Bark!

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Chapter 156: Bark Bark Bark!

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Four days later, the day of the competition had arrived.

Ning Meng arrived early to the program center and sat in a corner daydreaming while Zhen Shanmei and Lin Qingbei were having their makeup done.

Lin Qingbei peeked at her through the makeup mirror.

Although Ning Meng’s poker-face game was strong, he could tell that something was bothering her. He glanced over at Zhen Shanmei and acted as though these words had inadvertently slipped his lips. “It seems like Miss Ning looks much better today.”

As expected, Zhen Shanmei misunderstood and thought that he knew what was going on. She breathed a heavy sigh. “She’s even more pitiful than me. At least I could break up, but she cannot even get a divorce!”

Lin Qingbei was stunned, and his eyes sparkled. “She wants to get a divorce?”

Zhen Shaimei pursed her lips. “She can’t get it even if she wants to. She had a grand wedding! She would have to tolerate it even if her husband has cheated on her.”

Lin Qingbei had a moment of realization. He had known early on that Ning Meng was not happy. She had complained about it a while ago, but he did not notice that it had come to this stage.

If that was the case…

Lin Qingbei sharpened his eyes as he subdued his joy. Did that mean that he would have a chance now?


While they were both in the midst of getting their makeup done, Ning Meng held her chin. She had calmed down a lot since it had been four days. So what if he had cheated… it was no big deal. They could always just get a divorce. After all, Lemon Entertainment had found its footing. The miserable events from the novel should not occur anymore, right? As she was still in her thoughts, her phone vibrated. Ning Meng picked it up and noticed that it was from Fei Bai.

[Missus, did the boss anger you?]

Ning Meng coldly laughed when she saw this and typed: [He should understand better.]

Huo Beichen, who was on the other side of the phone, had no idea what the matter was!

It had been four days, and Ning Meng never once looked for him and no one knew what tantrum she was throwing. Usually, there would not be any matter too serious for him to be distracted from work, but while he was settling the documents this time, his heart was restless.

After Huo Beichen saw what she had to say, he decided that it would be better to deal with the matter face-to-face. He stood up and headed out in big strides. At the same time, he instructed Qi Shan to bring him to the program center. Qi Shan had been in the dumps for the past four days and had a slow reaction. “Which program center?”

Huo Beichen felt that he was an eyesore and snatched the car keys that he was holding on to. “You’re dismissed early today.”

Before Qi Shan could express his elation, he heard Huo Beichen continue his sentence. “Pack up your stuff and head to The Club.”



At the program center.

Lin Qingbei and Zhen Shanmei had had their makeup done and were ready to head to the resting room. Lin Qingbei led the way as Zhen Shanmei and Ning Meng both plodded from behind. Zhen Shanmei was about to go on stage, so she wanted to hand her bag over to Ning Meng. However, as she looked over at Ning Meng, she hesitated.

“It’s been four days… I’m going to ask you again. Are you sure that you don’t want the present that your husband gave you?”

Ning Meng coldly laughed. Before she could say anything, Zhen Shanmei quickly cut in first.

“I researched it, it’s worth 2.19 million.”


They both looked at each other for a good ten seconds. Finally, Ning Meng spoke. “Bark bark bark.1 What a joke!”


She twitched her lips. She had thought that this woman would do anything for money. Zhen Shanmei took the present out and passed it over to Ning Meng, rolling her eyes as she went into the resting room first. Ning Meng lowered her head and looked at the present.

2.19 million… This figure… Why did it sound so familiar?

She opened the jewelry box in uncertainty and discovered a huge pair of diamond earrings quietly nestled in there.

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