Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 163 - She Was an Elegant Princess

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Chapter 163: She Was an Elegant Princess

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Ning Meng was touched seeing the performance and could not contain her excitement, needing to share it with somebody. Since Li Haojie was sat by her right side, she could only turn to her left.

She grabbed Huo Beichen’s arm and proudly exclaimed. “Hehehe, Zhen Shanmei is amazing!! How did she manage to be right on the beat when she had no in-ear monitors on at all? And how is she always so rough when she speaks but her voice is so melodious when she sings? D*mn it, I’ve just become a big fan of hers!”

After she said this, she felt that something was amiss. Huo Beichen’s face was tense and she could tell that there was an intense restlessness when she looked at his trembling eyebrows. He was trying very hard to suppress something. Ning Meng turned toward his arm that she was holding onto. His well-ironed sleeve had been crushed and creased by the friction of her grasp.

Ning Meng quickly patted his sleeve and stretched it back into shape. She had long forgotten about him cheating on her. She smiled in embarrassment and politeness.

“Lord Chen, your suit is truly exquisite. Look at the craftsmanship, look at the quality. And yet, it can only bring out a tenth of your true nature. You are too captivating.”

After rainbow-farting, she blinked. “Do you know who I am?”


Ning Meng seriously replied. “I’m captivating too.”


As she was saying this, the senior on the other side was furrowing his eyebrows and thought out loud. “Why does she remind me of Mo Nasha?”

‘Mo Nasha?’

Li Haojie held his chin in thought.

‘Mo Nasha was an internationally-renowned artist. She was famous ten years ago both locally and worldwide although she was not one who would sing trendy songs. So, the crowd in the arena would not know about her reputation. However, as an artist, who would not know a big name like Mo Nasha? She was at the top of her game in the singing world. Even the hottest artist would need to give respect and call her a teacher.’

‘What could Zhen Shanmei’s relationship with Mo Nasha be? How was it possible that Zhen Shanmei could sing this well?’

Li Haojie looked toward the stage again. Zhen Shanmei stood there brimming with confidence. She and Lin Qingbei waved toward the crowd and bowed to thank the hardworking musicians, then joyfully left the stage. It was as if Li Haojie was under a spell and his eyes were fixated on her. He looked at her going toward the audience instead of heading toward the resting room.

The lights fell on her graceful face and she looked like an elegant princess. He felt that he was out of her league—that he could only observe her from afar but could not get close to her. Li Haojie straightened his back thinking that she was coming over to show off to him.

He never imagined that Zhen Shanmei would go to hug Ning Meng instead and turned toward the senior. “Thank you.”

The senior quickly waved. “Don’t worry about it, Miss Zhen. Can I ask you a question, though?”

Li Haojie saw Zhen Shanmei smiling back at the senior, her eyes were completely devoid of him. She respectfully replied, “Yes.”

“Do you by any chance know who Mo Nasha is?”

Li Haojie pricked up his ears upon hearing this. He felt that this was a stupid question. Mo Nasha had left the business during the prime of her career. It had been ten years since then and there were hardly any conversations about her anymore. Any artist who was fortunate enough to be mentored by her was proud of the opportunity given. Even he had been longing for the day where he could meet this prominent musician. Zhen Shanmei may be rich, but money could not buy relationships with an artist of this caliber.

Just as he was thinking this, he heard Zhen Shanmei reply with a smile on her face. “She’s my mum.”


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