Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 165 - Why Don’t You Come Back and Stay With Me?

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Chapter 165: Why Don’t You Come Back and Stay With Me?

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A chill ran up her spine.

Ning Meng quickly gestured at Zhen Shanmei with her eyes to not say anything more. Unfortunately, the naïve Shanmei instead replied, “Meng Meng, what happened to your eyes?”


The temperature of the atmosphere behind her dropped instantly. She slowly looked toward the dim area where the guy had been sitting throughout the entire show. He faintly voiced out a few words but was gritting his teeth at the same time. “Go wild?”


The guy was glaring at her since she did not answer immediately. She did not want to surrender so she just went with the flow and answered, “Wildly happy-go-lucky?”


“Ning Meng, who are you talking to?”

Zhen Shanmei curiously looked over, but as it was too dark, all she could tell was that it was a man. She then suddenly exclaimed, “What’s with you, girl! You’re already attached to a new guy?! Is he handsome? Let me see!”


Ning Meng subtly adjusted her body and decided not to go through this torment alone. She even asked nicely. “Do you need some light from the mobile phone to have a better look?”

Zhen Shanmei waved to decline and stretched herself onto Ning Meng’s seat.

“There’s no need for that. I just need to come closer to see clearly. Hmm, why does this guy look like your scumbag husband?”

“He doesn’t just look like him. You’re looking at him.”


Huo Beichen glanced over and initially wanted to ignore her, but he suddenly remembered the ‘101 ways to court a lady’ from Su Ye. One of the tips had been to be on the good side of the lady’s girlfriends. So, he tried very hard to subdue his impatience, and faintly said, “Nice to meet you.”


Zhen Shanmei straightened herself and looked toward the front. “Ning Meng, I suddenly remembered…”

‘What can I say to get out of this situation?’

Zhen Shanmei was one who never really used her brain to think and was obtuse. After stammering for a while, she finally covered her stomach. “I remembered that I have a stomachache.”


Zhen Shanmei bent over. “I need to go to the washroom!”

Ning Meng looked at her dashing out and pursed her lips. At this point, the final song had ended. The emcee went onstage to close the competition for the day, and the people in the arena eventually left one by one.

Huo Beichen, however, did not move, and Ning Meng followed suit. Everyone in the VIP area had left and only the both of them remained. Ning Meng hung her head like a kid who had just done something wrong. The phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated. As she picked up her phone, she saw that Zhen Shanmei had sent her a WeChat text: [I can only help you up until here!]

After reading this, a picture was sent over. It was a pixelated screenshot of a video where Zhen Shanmei was having a video chat with her father. Not far behind him, there was a woman hugging the man opening the door. Even though the screenshot was blurry, Ning Meng could instantly recognize that the guy was Huo Beichen!!

They say that one would have different feelings between hearing about a rumor that the husband had cheated and to see it for herself. A wave of anger suddenly welled up within her. If all he wanted was to be a married couple on the surface, why did he take the trouble to come and see her?

She was about to storm off in a huff, but just as she turned to leave, an arm held her back. Ning Meng was stunned and turned to see that he was still sitting right there. He lifted his head slightly and asked, “Why don’t you come back and stay with me?”

‘Come back and stay with him!?’

He still had the guts to ask her to come back and stay with him.

Ning Meng immediately took out the screenshot that Zhen Shanmei had just sent her and showed it to him. “In order to give a place to this woman! Why take the trouble of going to a hotel? Why not just bring her home?!”

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