Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 167 - I Want a Divorce!

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Chapter 167: I Want a Divorce!

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The arena was dark, and the guy leaned closer toward her. Her back was pressed against the cold, stark wall. In front of her, although their bodies were not touching, Ning Meng could feel a seductive aura emanating from his body. His face was no further than 5 cm away from hers. When he spoke, his warm breath caressed her ears.

She felt as though her heart was intertwined and itching, only allowing her to breathe for but a moment. She turned her head sideways and finally felt like she could breathe normally again as she slowly came back to her senses.

‘What did he just say?’

‘Eat vinegar? Jealous!?’

Ning Meng returned to her old self again. “There are no dumplings around, why would I want to eat vinegar?”

When she said these piercing words, Huo Beichen was slightly stunned. Ning Meng seized the opportunity to lower her head and pushed him away. She wriggled her way out from under his arms and rushed out.

Huo Beichen stayed put and looked at her leave the place with his jet-black eyes. His smile faded away and he touched the corner of his lips. Amidst the earlier struggle, his lips had brushed her cheek. The feeling of her soft and delicate skin lingered on his lips.

He closed his eyes halfway and gave Qi Shan a call. Qi Shan picked up the call and reported for duty. “Boss, are you calling me back for work?”

Huo Beichen replied coldly, “Send over the CCTV footage from that day in the hotel.”

Qi Shan gleefully answered. “Consider it done, Boss!”

If this was the case, it meant that he would not need to go to The Club anymore, right?

Before he could rejoice in that thought, Huo Beichen continued, “After sending it over, go to The Club for two months.”



Ning Meng ran to the parking lot from the arena and touched her cheeks. They were still flushed red.

“Psst, psst, psst, psst…”

Suddenly, Ning Meng heard someone calling for her surreptitiously. She looked around and saw her car parked in an obscure corner. Zhen Shanmei was hiding in the car, covertly scouting for any enemies. When she saw Ning Meng looking over, she panicked and looked behind her, whispering, “Mr. Huo did not follow you, right?”


Ning Meng walked over and sat in the driver’s seat. She answered without much confidence. “Should not be.”

Zhen Shanmei breathed a sigh of relief. She had changed out of her costume and into her sportswear. After glancing over at Ning Meng a few times, she asked, “Why is your face so red? Have you come down with a fever?”

Ning Meng was not her usual self. “No.”

Zhen Shanmei glanced over again and suddenly understood what was happening.

“A man and a woman alone together in this dark and quiet time. Did he do anything to you? How bestial!”

Ning Meng choked upon hearing this and coughed. “Where has your imagination taken you to?”

‘I was only held against a wall!’

Zhen Shanmei was not convinced. “Nothing happened? Really?”


Zhen Shanmei looked disappointed.

“It was such a good opportunity and yet, nothing happened. What a waste…”

Ning Meng subconsciously replied, “That we did not turn bestial?”


Zhen Shanmei looked at her. “What are you going to do now?”

Ning Meng went deep into her thoughts and mused about it. She finally said, “I want a divorce.”

She turned on the car engine and started driving. She thought she was sure of her decision, but she continued thinking about it. She had been an orphan in her original life and did not understand what grand weddings for the rich meant. She could not accept that her own husband would have a mistress outside.

Zhen Shanmei was shocked and exclaimed, “You really dare to go through a divorce?”

Ning Meng looked as though she was ready to go into battle.

“Yes! I don’t care even if he is the grandson of whoever!”

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