Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 172 - Qi Shan’s First Love

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Chapter 172: Qi Shan’s First Love

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Ning Meng was lying in bed for a short while. She wanted to calm her complicated feelings down after having that strange dream. She picked up her phone and realized that it was nine in the morning.

She had received a few WeChat messages, and one of them was from Huo Beichen. He had sent her a message an hour ago.

Huo Beichen: [I’m boarding now.]

Ning Meng lay in bed and replied an emoji to him. [Alright.jpg]

She thought for a short while before pinning Huo Beichen’s chat box at the top. Then, she proceeded to read the other messages. It was from the group chat “My Boss Is So Dashing Today”.

Qi Shan: [Woke up at five in the morning! Felt quite energetic! Have you guys woken up? @Su Ye @Ning Meng @Zhen Shanmei]

[I realized what a wonderful life it is staying by the boss’s side after I came here for the training. If I could go back, surely I’ll work diligently and cooperate with the boss in the Huo Group so that it’ll prosper every day.]

Zhen Shanmei had woken up half an hour ago, and she disputed with him in the group.

Zhen Shanmei: [Shouldn’t you send those messages to Mr. Huo? Why did you send them here? Have you been single for such a long time so you’ve started acting like this in the early morning?]

Qi Shan: […I have a wife, thank you.]

Zhen Shanmei naively believed what he said. [Excuse me.]

Ning Meng woke up and washed herself up. Then, she took a slice of bread from the fridge and heated it up. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she ate the bread while sending a message to the group.

Ning Meng: [His wife is his credit card. I doubt whether he has ever had a girlfriend before.]

She went downstairs after she sent the message. Then, she drove her car and went to work.

The final contest of ‘Throne of Songs’ would be held after three days.

They had picked the song yesterday so today, they should be practicing in the set. However, the company planned to work on the album first since Lin Qingbei was quite popular now. There were also some other businesses that needed him to deal with them in the company.

Ning Meng also returned to the company as she wanted to inquire about the company’s future investment plans.

She parked the car downstairs. While she was walking up the stairs, she saw a reply in the group chat.

Qi Shan: [When I was in high school, I fell in love with the most beautiful girl in my class. I summoned all of my courage and sent her a QQ message. “I’ve had my eyes on you for a long time…” Then, the girl replied to me immediately. “I’ll share half of my snack, the spicy bars, with you every day. Please don’t tell the class teacher. /smiley face/”]

Ning Meng: [And then?]

Qi Shan: [Then, I got so angry that I told the teacher about it. The teacher scolded her terribly!]

Ning Meng: [!?]

Qi Shan: [I wondered why I could always smell the spicy bars in the class. I couldn’t take it! Then, I found out it was her. It was too frustrating!]

Zhen Shanmei: [I remember that I had a hard time studying in high school and I got hungry easily. So, I hated it the most when I saw the other people eating!]

Ning Meng was stunned.

The kind of conversation between an honest man and a frank girl was so peculiar.

Su Ye: [Why do I feel like the girl had actually accepted your confession by saying that she would share half of the spicy bars with you…?]

Qi Shan: [???]

Zhen Shanmei: [???]

Ning Meng: […I finally know why you’re single.]

After sending that message, she walked forward.

She passed by a few agents’ offices as she was on her way to Ning Wentao’s office. The door of one of the offices was slightly ajar and she could hear a girl’s angry voice from within the office.

“How annoying! Just because Lin Qingbei is with Lady Ning Meng now, the company gives him the best resources! Why? What about the other celebrities like us?”

Ning Meng turned around when she heard that. Through the slightly ajar door, she could see a sweet-looking girl making a scene right then.

She was one of the celebrities in the company, Liu Ying.

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