Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 175 - They Were Involved In a Scandal

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Chapter 175: They Were Involved In a Scandal

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There were only outstanding singers left after a few rounds of contests.

The final champion would be chosen based on their previous performances and results. Moreover, the thousands of audiences who attended the final contest that day would get to vote, and this result would then help to decide who was the final champion.

This kind of singing competition tested a singer’s various abilities including the singer’s actual strength, fame, and popularity, hence, Su Tiantian was the most famous singer who was expected to win this contest from the very beginning.

But who could have guessed what would happen next? After a few rounds of the contest, Lin Qingbei had advanced quickly because of his good image, excellent dancing skills, stunning stage manners, and so on. He had now become Su Tiantian’s strongest opponent.

On the other hand, Su Tiantian had performed badly during the previous match causing her marks to drop quite low at the moment.

This time around, she picked a difficult song and seemed to be doing her part only. It appeared as though she did not plot any schemes.

In the room.

A makeup artist was helping Lin Qingbei in putting up his makeup while both Ning Meng and Zhen Shanmei were sitting on the sofa and whispering to each other.

Zhen Shanmei said, “I want to have a cat or a dog. Mengmeng, which one would you pick if it was you?”

Ning Meng glanced at her. “I would pick you.”

Zhen Shanmei became shy all of a sudden. “Why?”

She thought that Ning Meng would provide her with a long and deep confession given that she was her best friend, however, Ning Meng merely threw her a peculiar look. “It’s because raising pigs could make one rich.”

Zhen Shanmei was speechless.

That mouth of hers! Surely, Zhen Shanmei should not have been too hopeful.

Ning Meng turned to look at Lin Qingbei after she had said that.

He was wearing a black leather jacket that gave off a cool and handsome image. His makeup was slightly thick but it showed his seductiveness, still making him look rather manly.

Zhen Shanmei said softly, “Somehow, I feel that Su Tiantian will do something tonight.”

Ning Meng was satisfied like an old father. “Finally, my little piggie can think on her own now.”

Zhen Shanmei did not know how to respond to that.

Could she tear Ning Meng’s mouth off?

Ning Meng was suspicious as well because everything had been going so smoothly now. It was not like Su Tiantian, not plotting and scheming.

Just as she was having those kinds of thoughts, her phone vibrated.

Lin Qingbei’s agent had sent a WeChat message to her. It was a link to a hot topic.

Ning Meng frowned subconsciously. She clicked on it and soon, she saw its title—Lin Qingbei and Liu Ying.

That post claimed that Lin Qingbei’s new album was written for Liu Ying. This was because Liu Ying was asked to act in the music video for his album.

Moreover, Liu Ying always appeared shy when they mentioned Lin Qingbei in front of her. There were even a few photographs of the two of them in that post.

It was clear that the photographs were taken in the company as a group, however, the rest of the people had been removed from the photographs.

The others did not even inquire about that. Instead, they were waiting for a good scene.

Zhen Shenmei saw that too, and she said softly, “How irresponsible that post is! If we clarify it through our official Weibo account, we would be allowing Liu Ying to gain popularity. If we do not do that, it’s just too disgusting!”

Liu Ying was one of the famous artists in their company and she had around three million fans.

Obviously, somebody had used money to boost that post up among the hot topics. How could Liu Ying be allowed to gain popularity through Lin Qingbei especially since she was disloyal to the company long since?

Ning Meng closed the link and read the message from the agent. [CEO Ning, you must not let Lin Qingbei see that post. He is not on friendly terms with Liu Ying in the company. If he reads that, he will definitely be infuriated and it’ll affect his performance later on. His emotions will be influenced as well.]

Ning Meng stared at that message and gave a calm reply. [Fine.]

Lin Qingbei had become a hot topic at such a critical time. Surely, they wanted to influence him and affect his upcoming performance.

Her eyes darkened slightly.

After an hour, Lin Qingbei had finally finished his makeup. Just as they were on their way out, they saw Liu Ying walking toward them, led by an employee. She smiled sweetly and said, “I have nothing on today so I came to give you support, Brother Lin!”

Then, she spoke again shyly, “Unfortunately, I was stalked and snapped by the reporters just now. It seems like it will be hard to explain our scandal now!”

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