Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 179 - Does Your Boss Use The Weibo App?

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Chapter 179: Does Your Boss Use The Weibo App?

There was no other lighting in the audience area other than the one spotlight that was shining on Ning Meng. Ning Meng raised her head in a daze as she was being blinded by the light.


Snap!! Snap!! Snap!!!

The paparazzi were pointing their cameras at her, snapping her pictures like crazy.

As for the audience, after being silent for a while, they started cheered loudly.

“Together! Together! Together!”


Ning Meng started to get panicked.

Now she was wondering what she wanted to do first? To bolt up to the stage and snap Lin Qingbei’s neck? Or to hammer her fist into Zhen Shanmei’s head—the “friend” who seemingly wanted to cause her nothing but trouble?

Of course, she could not do any of those. Why? Because now she must first flee from these paparazzi. Thus, she stood up without hesitation and dashed straight to the backstage with the staffs’ aid.

Lin Qingbei, looking at the girl who was fleeing away, was smiling. Well, it was not a lie. All the songs in this album were written by him and him alone. All his inspirations came from observing Ning Meng, therefore, in a way, he was indeed writing these songs for her.

After arriving backstage, Ning Meng let out a sigh of relief.


She lowered her head and saw the WeChat message on her phone.

Huo Beichen: [I’ll come fetch you. Let’s get dinner together.]

He sounded firm and decisive making it difficult to reject him.

Ning Meng quickly replied: [No, no! You’ve just gotten back from the trip, you should head home and rest first.]

Huo Beichen: [But I’ve already arrived at the TV station.]


How could Ning Meng see him now? And at this timing too?!

She weakly switched to “My Boss Is So Dashing Today” Group to ask for help.

Ning Meng: […hey, does your boss use the Weibo app? @QiShan@FeiBai@SuYe]

Qi Shan: [?? What? Why? Did you kick up some kind of despairing storm on Weibo lately?]

Su Ye: [No. He doesn’t use the app.]

Fei Bai, who usually never said a word, replied: [He’s using it now.]



Another message from Huo Beichen: [West gate. I’m waiting.]

Ning Meng covered her face in agony.

Then, she had a thought… perhaps that thing that happened earlier wouldn’t spread too quickly on the internet. She quickly switched to her Weibo app and looked at the hot search engine.

‘Oh no.’

#LinQingbeiconfessed# and #LinQingbeiNingMeng# were among the Top 50 search tags! And they were quickly rising to the Top 10 as the minutes passed.

Oh Geeezuz!!!

Ning Meng clung to her head in agony once more.

Then, her “best friend” Zhen Shanmei walked through the door and stood behind her. “You know, Lin Qingbei is really clever! Now, no one cares about that news about Liu Ying anymore!”


Ning Meng now wished that they could go back to an hour ago and let Liu Ying have her way… it would be better than having to go through this sh*tstorm.

And this Lin Qingbei… he had been such a good boy all this while, and yet when in dire times like this, he seemed to love causing her big trouble.

Ning Meng’s phone vibrated again.

Huo Beichen: [Come out now.]

Ning Meng was so desperate that she was almost driven to tears. She forcefully pulled Zhen Shanmei’s arm and said, “Let’s go.”


The naive Zhen Shanmei then followed Ning Meng to the west gate. When she saw the black Cadillac parked there, Zhen Shanmei suddenly realized something was off. She backed away and said, “I… perhaps it’s best that I go home alone tonight.”

However, Ning Meng’s hands were locked on her arm. Ning Meng threw her a smirk. “Hey, it’s very, very, dangerous for a girl like you to go out alone at night, you know? There are so many shops and stalls that sell snacks at night. If no one is there to stop you, who knows how many pounds of weight you’ll gain.”

Then, she ground her teeth as she continued with a woeful, “Right~?”


Thus, the poor girl was strong-armed into boarding the black Cadillac with Ning Meng.

As they both entered the car, Ning Meng quickly forced up the sweetest smile she could muster and opened her mouth. “Hubby!! Long time no see!”


As soon as she finished her words, Huo Beichen’s phone had finished downloading the Weibo app and had begun to install it…

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