Novel Name : She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 181 - I’ll See You Home?

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Chapter 181: I’ll See You Home?

Zhen Shanmei wanted to switch off the voice message, but in a freak panic, she accidentally dropped her phone. Hence, Qi Shan’s next message was played out loud in the car.

“He confessed his love on stage!? What a romantic, aren’t you? Heh, I knew it! I knew you were still enraptured by that Lin Qingbei!”

“Now everyone on the internet knows about you two. Sure, you and the boss’s marriage wasn’t made public so not many outside of our circle know about it, but can you practice some restraint for once?! We had all only recently moved on from all your promiscuous past and yet, you can’t help yourself, can you? I am so disappointed in you!”

Finally, the voice message was done playing, and Zhen Shanmei finally picked up her phone. She turned her head back slowly… and saw Ning Meng’s death stare.

Ning Meng was super pissed!

She had thought that if she pulled Zhen Shanmei into the car with her, Huo Beichen would at least not murder her on the spot due to a witness being around.

However, she did not think that Zhen Shanmei was going to be the cause of her downfall!

Ning Meng looked at Zhen Shanmei’s phone coldly. “You know… a few days ago, I read an article about this phone model. They say it emits too much radiation. I was meaning to tell you, but…”


“But the article also mentioned that this level of radiation would not harm people who possess an IQ of lower than 20. So, it’s fine. Go ahead and use it.”


Due to having wronged her friend first, Zhen Shanmei did not dare to retort. She slowly squeezed herself back into her seat as much as she could.

‘I am one with the air and the air is me. I am one with the air and the air is me…’

She kept chanting in her heart, wishing hard that she could indeed turn into pure, invisible air.

Thus, there was no sound in the car for the next minute.

Ning Meng chanced a peek at Huo Beichen, and just as she thought—his face had turned black and a freezing cold aura had started to seep out of his body. He picked up his phone and opened the Weibo app.

Ning Meng wanted to stop him, yet, after he shot her a sharp look, she hurriedly ducked back to her seat, afraid to say a word.

After logging in, Huo Beichen was at a loss at how to use the tags on the”hot search engine”. Thus, he searched “Lin Qingbei”. Then, the first thing that showed up on the search engine was #LinQingbeiConfessed# and a video. After reading all the comments yearning for Lin Qingbei and Ning Meng to be together as a couple, Huo Beichen sat up straight and locked his phone’s screen.

Lowering her head like an elementary school student who was caught red-handed doing mischief, Ning Meng dared not say a word at all.

A moment later, the man opened his mouth coldly. “I’ll see you home?”

Ning Meng raised her head and looked at him, then, she nodded her head chipperly. “Yes! Yes please!”

The man shot a look at her. “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Ning Meng sat back quietly and lowered her head again, waiting for his majesty’s judgment.

30 seconds later, Zhen Shanmei’s head protruded from her seat and she asked weakly, “Were you talking to me, Mr. Huo?”


Zhen Shanmei replied without hesitation, “No, it’s okay. Could you please pull over? You can just drop me off here.”

Ning Meng shot a glare at her.

‘Zhen Shanmei, I’m warning you…!!’

After a short pause, Zhen Shanmei looked at Ning Meng. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I won’t gain a pound of weight at all!”

‘… who the hell cares about you gaining weight right now?! Don’t you dare leave me in here… or else I’ll haunt you for all eternity…!!’

Yet, Zhen Shanmei shrunk back into her seat once more, ignoring her friend’s death stare.


Nonetheless, Huo Beichen was a gentleman. He did not ask the driver to pull over and leave his wife’s best friend alone on the side of a road. Instead, the car went straight to the Zhen’s villa. When the car parked in front of her home, Zhen Shanmei was feeling alive again.

As soon as Zhen Shanmei hopped down the car, the car began to drive off. Ning Meng, who was now brimming with survival instincts, grabbed Huo Beichen’s arm and pleaded. “Hubby, please lemme explain…”

Before she could finish her words, the car pulled a sharp turn, and in an instant, her body was rocked forward and landed right on top of Huo Beichen. Not only that, but out of sheer coincidence, her pouty lips were pressed against his…

Ning Meng’s eyes were wide open as she frantically moved away…

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